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Plumette Blonde Beer: A Fruity Belgian Delight

Elevate your beer experience with the crafted Plumette Beer, a Belgian masterpiece that stands at 6.5% ABV. Light and refreshing, this beer is a harmonious blend of fruity notes, including luscious wild berries and lychee, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a delightful, fruit-forward brew.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Plumette Blonde Beer pours with a beautiful, golden hue that shimmers in the glass. Its effervescence creates a frothy head that beckons you to take the first sip.

Aroma: Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of Plumette Blonde Beer. Discover a symphony of fruity fragrances, with prominent notes of wild berries and lychee, complemented by a subtle hint of spice.

Flavor: This beer offers a crisp and lively flavor profile. The fruity notes take center stage, delivering a pleasant sweetness that's balanced by a subtle hop bitterness. The result is a well-rounded taste experience with a touch of spice.

Finish: Plumette Blonde Beer finishes with a clean and refreshing flourish, inviting you to savor the lingering notes of fruit and a hint of spice.

The Brew:

Crafted in the heart of Belgium, Plumette Blonde Beer showcases the country's proud brewing tradition. It's created using select malts, hops, and a unique Belgian yeast strain that together form the foundation of its irresistible flavor.

When to Enjoy:

Plumette Blonde Beer is versatile and can be enjoyed on various occasions. Whether you're unwinding after a long day, pairing it with your favorite dishes, or celebrating special moments, this brew adds a touch of fruity elegance to every experience.

Raise a Glass to Plumette Blonde Beer:

Indulge in the enchanting world of Plumette Blonde Beer. With its fruit-forward charm and approachable ABV, it's the ideal companion for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste of Belgian craftsmanship with a fruity twist.

La Plumette

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  • 33cl - beer bottle

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